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Environmentally Friendly Solutions with over 10 Years of Experience

Ferrovent Ltd. has been active in the field of waste management since 2012, adhering to constantly changing legal regulations and requirements.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, we also place great emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development. Our experienced and expert team always provides the best solutions to meet customer needs and environmental requirements.

Ferrovent Ltd. specializes in metal waste management. We develop comprehensive waste management systems for our partners, including the collection and treatment of metal, electronic, paper, and plastic waste. To ensure selective waste collection, we provide containers and collection equipment of various sizes and quantities, which we continuously empty and maintain.

Facility and Scrap Metal Drop-off

At our Cserkút site in Pécs, we primarily serve corporate clients by collecting and preparing various grades of metal waste, which we then supply to our domestic and international partners. The waste materials are received on a certified 40-ton weighbridge as well as a 2-ton platform scale.

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As your partner, we help you tackle the challenges of waste management.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly solutions and need experienced professionals in the field of waste management, Ferrovent Ltd. is your perfect partner. Contact us today and request a quote for our services!

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We are happy to assist you with any waste management project. Whether it’s about waste disposal, sales, processing, our company is at your service.

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